About Me

I am (or was) an A-level student and to take advantage of my sinfully long summer I am going to blog it so that if (when) I spend a whole day in bed watching crap TV I have something to be accountable to. I do have a summer job but it’s only two/three days a week so the rest of my time is going to be filled doing stuff.  This stuff will hopefully include the following:

  • Getting ready for university by writing down all of my mother’s recipes (and maybe cooking them)
  • Partying and doing other stuff with friends
  • Attempting to use makeup
  • Putting on cool clothes
  • Books I am reading
  • Making Stuff
  • Exploring Dartmoor
  • Maybe (dependant on which university I get into) going to a hippy festival

So basically I’m forcing myself to hopefully be productive or at least get some exercise.

So basically feel free to watch as I fail to do any of this.


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