How to Speak French

One word: duolingo.

Some people say bad stuff about it but when you read this stuff you find that it’s mainly to do with profitability and arguments over what exact level of fluency it can get you to.

I used it a few months ago until the exam pressure got to much. I’ve been playing around with learning languages for a few years but always new ones (ooh Russian would be fun or so-and-so said German was easy) however I have now decided that I might as well master french first. Mine is pretty passable, largely due to my excellent miming and improvised-word-combinations (well I don’t know what spoon is but I do know the words for small and bowl plus I can mime eating soup).

I’ve thoroughly picked it back up now and I can’t recommend it enough. I’m not gonna bang on about the features because a) several other well-written language-specific blogs will do that for me and b) this site is so intuitive that it’s almost painful. In stead I’m just gonna say that you have the options of learning Spanish/Danish/Irish/Esperanto/Turkish/French/Italian/German/Norwegian/Swedish/Portuguese/Ukrainian/Dutch.


  • I went back to work today, I still earn very little, at a very cool place, with very cool people and a till system that hates me.
  • My orchid (Travis) ‘s new buds started blooming today:


  • The Loganberry & Wild Apple jam I made yesterday has been insanely popular in my family.
  • I am very tired right now

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