Chai and Sponge Cake

I should probably apologize for not posting yesterday and say that it slipped my mind. But the simple truth of it is that I had nothing to say, funny isn’t it? Me with nothing to say. I’m still reading The Stand so I spent a helluva long time reading and in the afternoon I went for a walk. I took the chihuahua (not that anyone in my family would willingly buy such a thing – we inherited it) on the mother’s insistence and walked up. That’s the only word for the way I went. Up the valley along the road, first tarmac, then stone and finally off it up a hill and along an old leat. I followed that thing most of the way up the valley and then left to skirt around a mire so infamous it has inspired a Sherlock Holmes novel. Even cutting through one edge of the bog (unpleasant but doable) it took me a long time to finally get to the top of a hill and to Fox Tor. All told it was about 3.5 miles either way. A hell of a long walk but with no pictures I forwent a post.

Today I have been reading again. This time a little of Dubliners by James Joyce, because I promised myself I would read same of his work over the summer and short stories seem the best way to start. And of course the obligatory hour or two of the stand.

I should probably mention that I have been in a bad mood with my mother all morning. I’m a teenager, it’s normal. Although to be cut of from such a normally nurturing figure is always a little disquieting.

This afternoon, a had a package delivered by the postman. Two packages of loose tea varieties from BRUU. I should probably mention that they aren’t paying me to post this. Why would they when I only get one reader if I’m lucky? Not that it matters, this is more for me anyway; hell I’d probably get in a lot of trouble if this thing ever became (for some discernible reason) popular. I love tea so when I realized that you got your first months packet half-price I jumped at the chance.

The two varieties I received were as below.


Being most excited to try the mango and yogurt, I first tried the mint chai. I’ll be honest the smell wasn’t amazing, kind of what you’d expect bu with this fecal element – you can tell I’m not being paid to say this can’t you?I made it up according to the instructions (water temp., time spent brewing, etc) and let it cool a little. I’m not sure what I expected but this stuff wasn’t it. It’s like a regular mint tea but with this depth. The aftertaste was really rich and kind of like warming menthol? I can’t think of another way to describe it and I never was much good at saying what something tasted like. I guess ‘it tastes like chicken’ isn’t allowed here?

Long story short, it was good. I’ve got plenty more cups to make out of it and I guess I’ll try the other one tomorrow and tell you how it is. I’d definitely recommend you try BRUU thought, find it here.

What else have I done today? I tried to make a sponge. Now, try is an unusual verb to use here because I made very good Victoria Sponges. WI recipe, in a cooled down aga, sandwiched together with jam. Bliss.

Today however, I made a mistake. I made the mix correctly and I even baked the two halves together. The problem came when I tried to get them out of the oven and the dog decided to come over and stand where I was about to step. One of the tins went sliding of the tray and landed sponge side down. RIP. So now I only have one half of sponge and that won’t make a Victoria Sponge. Normally I take a photo of my baking for this blog but today, that one tin of sponge sitting on the cooling rack by itself just looks too depressing.

Signing out, a grieving cake-fan.


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