5 Films YOU Need to Watch

1.   The Blues Brothers


This film has a sound track so epic you could be mistaken for thinking that the director was a time traveler. Its infamously drug-addled creation only adds to its charm and gives the whole film a vibe of whoa-this-actually-happened? Ridiculous car chases combine with a religious mission so difficult yet well executed that I, personally, would make the two leads saints to make the number one films on my list.

2.   Hot Fuzz


This is so quotable that you could be mistaken fo thinking many of my class-mates speak only in ‘yarps’ and quizzical ‘narps’. Insanely action packed in a similar (but somehow totally different) to The Blues Brothers, this is the ultimate buddy cop films. Arguably the best of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost’s works it somehow if filled with blood without being gory. Also as a girl who lives in Devon I can testify to how accurate it’s portrayal of the countryside is (my family isn’t big on guns but my dad does have two WWI-era swords in his wardrobe).

3.   Advantageous


This recently arrived on netflix. The description passes it off as a vague done-before-type-plot sci-fi flick. Do not be fooled. This (although in a sci-fi setting) examines the role of women in our society and the bonds between. Despite being totally different in almost every way I would argue that this is a film version of Wild Swans. A mother and daughter face a competitive life as single women in a world that does not value them whilst trying to retain their humanity. No description of it can really do it justice, just watch it.

4.   Pitch Perfect


The ultimate chick-flick. Good soundtrack (still ain’t got nothing on the blues brothers). Feminism. Acapella. This is pretty well-known anyway, do I need to say more?

5.   Shawshank Redemption


Again, this is pretty popular but like many people who aren’t of the generation I held off watching it for years. I eventually caved a couple of years ago and found that the hype was right. I’ve given a couple of feminist films but this, despite being almost exclusively about men, is just about humans and the things they do to gain or lose their humanity. If you haven’t watched it, ignore the hype and just check it out on your own terms. You won’t regret it.


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