Apple Pie

So lately I’ve been binge watching Supernatural (my friend got me hooked right before exam season and I’ve been holding off but I decided enough is enough and intent to get through the whole damned thing before the end of summer) and it has been making me crave apple pie. So I decided to make some.

I found one here. The pastry in particular was really good. The apple mix was nice (would have been better if I’d used actual baking apples) but the sugar butter mix didn’t, well mix. I had this weird lump of brown sugar on top which I sort of fixed by adding some water and letting it sit in the bottom oven of the aga for a while but the result was the soggy mess you can see above.

It made a good pudding with some ice-cream, but it’s not going in the recipe book

PS I’m helping the family shearing tomorrow so it’ll be a late post.


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