How to Make Mozzarella

Today started out pretty slow, I read a little (including the start of Treasure Island which I’ve been meaning to read for years). Then I did a little bit of writing, including a little bit of some ~light~ reading that can found here.

I also tried to do a little bit of sewing but either the machine was broken or I broke the machine (!). Either way I’m gonna consult my mother and get back to y’all with that.

I even started making some elderflower ice cream (no recipe, just milk, yoghurt, sugar and elderflowers) which is slowly freezing while I go back and beat it with a fork every once in a while. I’ll put some photos up of that when it’s done tomorrow.

Finally, I did something really important. I made mozzarella from the milk from my brother’s cow. I got the recipe here. The first photo is from the reheating the curds and whey stage. The second from the heating the separated curds stage and the last is the final product!




So that was the mozzarella I made. I tried some, didn’t taste half-bad (even warm!).

Small note: tomorrow I have some friends coming over to camp so it’ll be an early post!

Even smaller note: omg has everyone watched the new teen wolf!?!?!?!?!?


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