How to Update Jeans

My skinnies had worn out where they always do, on the inner-thighs (is it the same for everyone or do I just have denim-busting thighs?). I’d been wearing them for a while but my dad had started to make comments so today I decided I needed to update them. Of course with cheap denim actually sewing up these tears and keeping them sewn up is more trouble than it’s worth so instead I have repurposed them as shorts!!

The first stage was to cut away the legs along the tear lines, cutting one back a little bit to keep them even. Of course you could just leave them like that (at the rate most people go through cheap skinnies it’s not even worth putting an edge on them, you’ll have a new pair long before these fray out). I however decided to decorate mine, I checked through my sewing box (technically an old woven vegetable steamer) and found lots of old bits of ribbon. So I decided to use these.


In the end I sewed two contrasting pastel ribbons at offset levels. I don’t think the end result is half bad:IMG_5356

Also take a moment to note how freakin’ awesome my torso is lookin’, even if I don’t have a god forsaken thigh gap. So what else did I do today? Well I helped (read: watched) my brother milk his show cow so that tomorrow (when we get a little more milk we can make cheese).I took a gazillion photos (they were very fluffy) but I’ll leave you with this one of the calf (whose name is Tiegann, an Aztec name as her father is called ‘Aztec warrior’,  it means little princess in the big valley). She was very interested in my brother’s dog!



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