Very Little

I had a late morning and didn’t really feel like doing much (it’s been busy these past few days, and it’s my time of the month, cut me some slack). Luckily I still found the energy to do a few things.

Firstly, when I made elderflower cordial the other day I remembered reading a recipe for bath bombs on the side of the citric acid, obviously this had to be investigated. It was basically just one part citric acid to two parts sodium bicarbonate with some food colouring and enough essential oil to form a paste. This should then be left to dry in a mould for a couple of days. Unfortunately I decided, lacking any essential oils, that adding lemon juice would give a nice scent. This may have ruined the mix.  I shall retry for you all tomorrow!

I also did a little bit of writing, firstly the start of a short novel I should like to write this summer on Wattpad and secondly the first half of a 2000 word piece that should be a little more highbrow. To be posted on here in a couple of days. Anyway, in the meantime check out my twitter account and do something fun with all this sunshine we’re having!! xoxo gossip girl (couldn’t resist).


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