How to make a Cider Notebook

Today was largely taken up by a trip with my mother up the M5, firstly to a meeting she had (don’t ask) followed by lunch with a family friend. To be honest I spent most of the morning reading and to be perfectly honest I spent most of the morning reading The Devil Wears Prada. Lunch was service station M&S salads and picnic style foods plus strawberries – although they didn’t ~gasp~ have any clotted cream to go with these. After this we wandered through our friend’s fields to look at her cows with her. After me and my mother left we drove back down to Exeter (also known as the city of todays quite-possibly-not-a-made-up-media-excersize bomb scare) and went to Dunelm and B and Q, not exactly glamorous although I did pick up a bag of fabric samples in Dunelm for future projects.

When we got home (after eating my fish and chips) I decided to try my hand at this tutorial. Only being a teenager I decided to use cardboard from a box of cider as opposed to cereal, hence the title.


I followed the tutorial pretty closely however as I do not have mod podge (nor have I ever seen it for sale in the UK) I used standard white glue. I also eschewed all of the nice tools given in the instructions and smeared it on with a butter knife. Seemed to do the trick.


Anyway it turned out pretty good, let’s just say that if it were a recipe it would have made it into the book. That’s kind of all I’ve done today but driving up and down the sunny M5 through the Devonshire countryside has made me ~feel~, anyways here’s an extract of some writing I did around October time that I feel is relevant:

Spring is for hope,

Summer is for taking everything too seriously

and autumn is for hurriedly casting aside these notions in the face of a brisk north-eastern wind.


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