Vogue and Mad Max

So this is rather a late post, I’ll admit I’m rushing to finish it at 40 minutes to midnight. Whatever, I’ll just chalk it up to worming into the American market.

So when I got up today I had a look through an old Vogue book entitles ‘Natural Health and Beauty’. One thing that caught my eye was a recipe (in the section entitled ‘Beauty Preparations’) for a simple strawberry facial. The instructions were as follows: mash a few strawberries (adding some oats if too runny), apply to face and lie with head below body height for twenty minutes. In the interests of, um, science (?), I followed these exactly. Here’s the mix:


Doesn’t that look appetizing? And somehow despite being essentially strawberry porridge it smelt foul. Anyway I left this gunk on my face for twenty minutes while laid down with a cushion under my arse. The results? Well I haven’t broken out so it can’t of made things worse and my skin did feel nice and softly tightened afterwards. Perhaps as something fun to try this is ok but honestly it’s way too much faff compared to my regular routine (supermarket basics face wipes, toner and moisturiser, every evening – fyi). So after that a spent a happy two or three hours helping my mother round up various groups of ponies. Still it was sunny so hopefully my legs are now slightly less pale.

I was then due a late lunch but decided to treat myself and so set to making these tortilla wraps. Despite me, ahem, not quite following the instructions ~perfectly~ they turned out very nicely and were really quite simple. Definitely recommend and, tomorrow morning when I have the energy they will be nicely written up in the recipe book.

Following this I was informed that the family was going to the cinema and that I was going with my father to see Mad Max. I’m not going to spoil it or post yet another review, instead I have one simple piece of advice for those who go to watch it: every time you expect them to slow down, don’t.

Anyway so here I am at twenty to midnight typing furiously. I have only one further thing to note; after being suddenly made to leave the house I had no chance to wash my hair (two days and counting), this lead me to discover just how good head scarves are at covering up greasy locks #protips.


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