So, as you may remember, I went out to see Legally Blond the musical last night. Upon embarking I was informed that is was an amateur production, hmm. Anyway as it turned out it was rather good and I highly recommend either going or listening to my personal favourite song of the evening.

Today I went shopping with an older friend and, as promised, here is my haul post. I’ll be honest a lot of the stuff in the high street didn’t strike me, we did TK Maxx, Next, Seasalt, Saltrock and All Saints but I got nothing from any of them. I had more luck in H and M where I got some nice shorts (below), some socks (I needed a few pairs) and a head scarf (which I saw as I queued for the till).


After that we gave up on high street and checked out some of Exeter’s vintage offerings. First up is a new (I think) shop called Sobeys, the clothing wasn’t really me but they had some great old brown leather bags, bearing in mind I’ve been looking for a new one so:


It’s quite small which is what I was looking for as wearing larger bags for any amount of time wrecks my shoulders (I can’t be the only one with this problem?!). Anyway, finally we went to the Real McCoy, there was loads of choice but eventually I got the lovely leather jacket below:


I had an old, black, fake leather, cropped jacket but this is real and long and lovely (and brown).

Anyway so that’s about the sum of what happened in Exeter although when I got home I was sent off to pack up a tent someone had camped in (without permission) and left. It was soggy and full of bugs but my father had helpfully checked when he saw it earlier that there was no dead body in there. So I have new tent (plus the jacket, T-shirt and pair of sick inexplicably just left in there).

Anyway, definitely feeling the need for a nap now, perhaps a film later this evening and perhaps baking tomorrow.


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