Easy (read: hungover) Baking

So, this was meant to be yesterday’s post. But then my internet died, oh well!

Some of you may be wondering how my party went. My answer is thus: it was an empty barn full of drunk teenagers, how d’you think it went? Anyway, here’s a photo taken by someone who decided it would be fun to climb the rafters:

So recently I’ve seen a recipe for three ingredient peanut butter cookies floating about on facebook, I remembered these and decided that (even in the state I was in) I could probably make them. I looked the recipe up here. After reading the reviews (and realising the we didn’t have that much peanut butter) I decided to add some vanilla essence and half a cup (sorry for the american-ism) of plain flour. Because we only have an aga in my house I had to cool it down which took a while but other than that this was a really quick recipe. Despite the recipe not telling me to, I looked at the picture and dipped a fork in flour and make two sets of dents on the top of each cookie. To put it shortly: they looked really good and I was really excited.

Of course that’s not how it works and they came out all melted together and chewy. Bleurgh.


They still tasted good (as anything with that much sugar is bound to) and I didn’t follow the recipe perfectly but, verdict: they don’t make it into the recipe book.

To cheer you (and me) all up, here’s an old favourite: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ogQ0uge06o.

Also: FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER, seriously following my complete lack of posting over the exam period I have dropped to an ~embarrassing~ three followers. So please, help me out.


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