How to Make a Recipe Book

Yesterday was my last day of exams and therefore today is my first day of SUMMER, unfortunately that’s way too boring to post about so instead I whipped this up for you! So a few of you may have seen what I posted on twitter a while ago about taking a break from revision to make a recipe book, hopefully over the next couple of months I’ll be writing recipes in it and making the aforementioned recipes however today’s post is about how to make the book itself.

There are many reasons to make your own recipe book, you can decided which categories you need and how big they have to be, you also have a whole world of notebook designs to choose from instead of weird-looking ready made books with large sections on fish (seriously, who needs to write down 20 pages of fish recipes?!).

What you need:

  1. An A6/A5 notebook (I’m using this one)
  2. a scrap piece of paper
  3. a pencil
  4. some sharp scissors
  5. a ruler
  • Firstly work out how many sections you want, personally I went for five (random stuff that didn’t fit anywhere else, baking, mains, desserts, appetizers). Turn your notebook on its side so you can see the end pages and mark off your sections faintly in pencil.
  • Take your scrap piece of paper and fold it in half, then cut out a tab stencil in the size you want, make sure to leave an extra bit (it should end up looking like a mushroom). Put it over an edge and fold it so that the mushroom is folded in half under the cap.


  • Using your ruler work out where the tabs go making sure they are evenly divided. You can either do one section less than you want and leave the first unlabelled (this means that all the tabs are cut in) or you do the number of sections you want and label the first without doing cutting it down at all.
  • Take you tab stencil (mushroom) and place it where you want the first tab, slide it up to the folded part and draw round it lightly in pencil, repeat for each of the tabs.


  • Cut them out as in the diagram below.


  • Repeat for each of the pages down to where you want the second section to start and from there stop cutting it, repeat until you get to the last section and then stop cutting, when you close the book it should look like below.


  • Finally label the tabs, rub out any pencil marks and (if you want) make a nice front page.

Viola, one lovely recipe book to write down all the recipes you want to remember (ie all my mother’s before I go to university).


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